Response requested by May 24, 2024

TSC is a small non-profit organization working to create more sustainable financial markets. We are philanthropically backed and may be adding capacity to our investor engagement team in summer of 2024 to execute on incoming grants and new strategic priorities.

Specifically, we will be looking for consultants or new hires with experience in  global financial markets to support our initiatives around investor engagement.

Ideal candidates will have many (though we acknowledge rarely all) of the attributes listed below.

If this would be of interest, we would love to hear from you. We have set up a process that we hope allows us to learn about you while being respectful of your time and busy calendar.

 To share a bit about your background and be made aware of upcoming opportunities…

Read more about our approach and what we are looking for below.


Why an “Expression of Interest”?

We recognize that it is unconventional to ask for interest ahead of a formal posting. That said, our hope is to build our network of motivated professionals who may be interested in our work, in the hopes that we can advance a process efficiently as opportunities arise.

We also know your time is precious so, rather than launching a time-consuming application process, our goal is to start a conversation while minimizing impact on your time.

(Please note that all entries will be kept strictly confidential, and no applicant’s name will be shared outside of the organization.)

What Happens Next?

We’ll review expressions of interest. Should we assess that your experience may match with an upcoming role or project, we’ll reach out and answer any questions that you shared with us. We’ll then keep in touch about possible job postings or consulting opportunities over time.

Should you have any thoughts or questions about this approach, please don’t hesitate to email us.


Our team’s specific priorities and the projects that we define to advance them will evolve over time. As such, we look for consultants or staff members who are able to pivot and adapt based on evolving approaches and who are willing to learn and grow alongside the organization. The ideal candidate will exhibit many of the following attributes:


Skills and Experience

  • Understanding of and experience in global financial markets.
  • Experience in shareholder stewardship, whether as an investor, advisor, or activist.
  • Experience in company engagement.
  • Experience in running campaigns to drive votes for shareholder resolutions and/or no-vote campaigns.
  • Exposure to or experience in proxy voting advisory services.
  • Experience building and maintaining relationships with decision-makers at large, complex organizations.
  • Strong written communication skills; possibly experience writing exempt solicitations/proxy memos or similar reports and/or developing messaging for communications such as newsletters, social media, or targeted emails.
  • Familiarity with business development processes; experience managing a caseload of contacts or clients;
  • Experience running effective in-person and virtual meetings; ability to move a group toward a goal.
  • Experience with a customer relations platform such as Salesforce and/or project management platforms such as Asana
  • Strong oral communications skills; proficiency in running webinars, speaking on panels, and drafting compelling presentations.

 Approach to the Work

  • Passion for system stewardship and proficiency in articulating systemic social and environmental risks and how they are fundamentally related to flaws in our capital market structure.
  • Ability to work toward a goal and experience thinking creatively about the best way to meet identified goals.
  • Willingness to do what needs to be done. TSC does not have executive assistants or junior employees. People filling roles manage them top to bottom.
  • Ability to work fully remotely, communicate proactively, and collaborate within a remote work environment.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time; proficiency keeping current priorities afloat while looking ahead and planning for what is to come.
  • Willingness to learn new systems, platforms, and approaches and to conduct regular data entry and management. (We manage our workload in the Asana platform and our engagement data in Salesforce.)
  • Enthusiastic commitment to our team’s collaborative, supportive approach to advancing our mission.
  • An inquisitive mind with a healthy resistance to dogma; willingness to offer and receive direct feedback.
  • Strong attention to detail.


  • Salary commensurate with experience and existing TSC pay scale (note that top-earners at TSC make US$150k)
  • U.S. work authorization.
  • Ability to collaborate with employees in U.S. Eastern Time
  • Proficiency in written English
  • Ability to meet in person two to three times a year and to travel on occasion to meet with stakeholders and attend industry events.


In addition to building awareness and an enabling environment for system stewardship, The Shareholder Commons supports investors in adopting specific tactics to bring this approach to life. TSC’s investor engagement leads hold relationships with investors around the world, building our network of new contacts while supporting our ongoing relationships through direct communications, exposure to tools and voting opportunities, and support with internal advocacy.

Specific activities in the coming year might include:



We believe that diversified shareholders have a financial interest in protecting social and environmental systems from extractive company practices that threaten the long-term health of the economy. We provide strategies and tools that enable diversified investors to prioritize social and environmental impact over individual company financial return.

By shifting investors from a ‘company-first’ model of investing to a ‘systems-first’ investment approach, we seek to address key global challenges while promoting the financial interests of diversified investors. To realize this goal, we take a systemic approach across three streams of work: 1. Shareholder Stewardship, where we engage directly with investors to promote desired behaviors; 2. Policy and Litigation, where we seek to change the rules that govern investors in support of this more sustainable approach; and 3. Public Advocacy and Field Building, where we catalyze the development of infrastructure that will inform, uphold, and reinforce this systems-first approach over time.

As a philanthropically backed organization with ambitious goals, TSC is committed to leveraging our resources and remaining agile where we can. We are currently a team of three full-time staff (each with 20+ years of professional experience in our fields) with strong support from external consultants. Our team is committed to a teamwork approach where we each fill multiple, evolving needs in the organization. We operate with humility, a strong focus on mission, and a commitment to supporting each other. We work to advance the mission and focus on clear, specific goals. We value independence, initiative, and creativity.