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The Portfolio Value of ESG, Fredrick Alexander, Directors & Boards, February 5 2024

Shareholders Are People, Too, Matt Levine, Bloomberg, January 22, 2024

Decision on Lawsuit Against Facebook Will Decide How Companies Measure Financial Success, Frederick Alexander, Institutional Investor, December 19, 2023

Making ESG the Highest Form of Capitalism, Frederick Alexander, Investing ESG, August 29 2023

Voting for Diversified InvestorsESG Investor, May 5, 2023


LGIM Won’t Shy Away from Voting Against DirectorsResponsible Investor, April 4, 2023


Tyson Foods and Hormel shareholders to vote on antimicrobials, Ben Maiden, Corporate Secretary, January 24, 2023


ESG resolution round-up: Amundi and Hesta co-file on AMR at US meat giant Paul Verney, Responsible Investor, January 20, 2023

The Flaw in Anti-ESG Logic: Financial Interests of Companies Like Meta Don’t Always Align with Those of Its Shareholders Fredrick Alexander, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, December 5, 2022

Investors push food companies to go greener, Sarah Murray, Financial Times, October 19, 2022


ESG round-up: Meta sued for prioritizing profits over investors and society, Fiona McNally, Responsible Investor, October 4, 2022


Why the Energy Crisis is Triggering an Investment Rethink, Vibeka Mair, Capital Monitor, September 7, 2022

From Meta to Twitter, What Everyone Gets Wrong About ESG — And Why It Matters, Frederick Alexander, Institutional Investor, August 24, 2022


Pfizer set to face Covid-19 vaccine shareholder votes, Ben Maiden, Corporate Secretary, March 7, 2022


Shareholders Like Any Old Merger, Matt Levine, Bloomberg, February 14, 2022


The ESG Mirage, Cam Simpson, Akshat Rathi, and Saijel Kishan, Bloomberg, December 9, 2021


Alpha, Omicron: Why?, Craig Lazzara, Indexology Blog, December 2, 2021


On System Stewardship, Matt Levine, Bloomberg, Fall 2021

“Investors ‘Turn Up The Heat’ On SEC Over Voting Rights”,  Neanda Salvaterra, Agenda, August 27 2021

“NGO seeks investors for universal owner-based proxy advice drive“, Susanna Rust, Investment and Pensions Europe, Aug 24, 2021

“The 2021 Proxy Voting Season in 7 Charts”, Jackie Cook, Lauren Solberg, Morningstar, August 5, 2021

“Think tank calls for stricter fiduciary mandates on money managers”, Hazel Bradford, Pensions and Investments, June 30, 2021

“Getting Back To Business”, Russ Greene, Adam Millsap, City Journal, June 15, 2021

“Investors May Not Be Satisfied With Business As Usual”, Neanda Salvaterra, Agenda, June 14, 2021

“Boards Face Rash of Public Benefit Proposals”, Neanda Salvatera, Agenda, May 10, 2021

“The 2021 proxy season: What’s on the menu?”, Aman Singh, BusinessGreen, May 7, 2021

“Shareholder Activism: Woke Capitalism From The Inside”, Robert Stilson, The American Conservative, Apr 19, 2021

“Beta Activism: Benefit Corporations and External Cost Disclosure”, Frederick Alexander, Sara E. Murphy, Proxy Review, Mar 16, 2021

“Curing systemic portfolio risk through shareholder resolutions”, Paul Hodgson, Responsible Investor, Mar 8, 2021

“Bank of England’s climate mandate has global resonance”, Patrick Temple West, Financial Times, Mar 5, 2021

“An Introduction to Activist Stewardship”, Robert Eccles (Oxford University), Aeisha Mastagni (CalSTRS), and Kirsty Jenkinson (CalSTRS), Mar 1, 2021

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